Gideon Conn

The Old Library - 10 Lower Bore Street, Bodmin, UK

Gideon Conn is an innovative and artist and songwriter, seamlessly blending soul , jazz, hip hop and more, with lyrics that make you smile and think. 

He has the air of G. Love and Special Sauce about him – relaxed lounge guitars, brassy production and bouncy keys. It’s the kind of rap that you wouldn’t mind your Gran hearing; inoffensive, yet blisteringly original. To put it simply Gideon is a bit of an oddball. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing his live shows, you’ll know he’s that strange thing; a musician that hasn’t yet become disillusioned with life. In a way his lyrics fit in with this, they are simple and honest. Like a Manchester-born rapping Daniel Johnston he manages to put what he wants to say simply, albeit with haste. This simplicity pays dividends.

Gideon has wowed audiences at gigs and festivals all over the UK since 2007, when his debut single ‘I Want You Around’ was single of the week on Shaun Keaveney’s BBC 6 music breakfast show.

Ed Sheeran and Guy Garvey count themselves amongst Gideon’s fans.

‘The people of Britain may not know it yet but Gideon Conn is one of their national treasures’ – Scroobius Pip

‘I can see the soul shine through your eyes.’ – Russell Brand


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The Old Library - 10 Lower Bore Street, Bodmin, UK